Closeouts, Overstocks, & Other Liquidations Store in Conyers, GA

Closeout Specialist is owned and operated by Daryl and Josh Harden. The store is used as an outlet for merchandise acquired through closeouts, overstocks, bankruptcies, and other liquidations of sorts. We buy in bulk so our customers don’t have too. You get lower than retail prices without buying in bulk, and we still bag your stuff when you check out. 

Our theory is if you can get it somewhere else cheaper you have no reason to shop with us. So we guarantee to be the cheapest around. That is how we have stayed in business with a steady growth of happy, satisfied and repeat customers. 

Patrons have learned no matter what it is you are looking for always check with us first. There is no telling what we will have on our shelves from week to week. Inventory is constantly rotating, and there are always new and unique goods to be discovered.

No matter if it is everyday needs or special occasions you are sure to find a great deal and a new favorite store.